''Put your best foot forward'' in American English

Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

I know that "put your best foot forward" is used in American English, but I don't know if this idiom is used in American English with the meaning of "to do something as well as you can".

Question: is "put your best foot forward" used in American English meaning "do something as well as you can''?

Ex.: ''This is his first day at work, so he's trying to put his best foot forward. Doing all he can do prove he's a good employee.'' (my example)

Thank you in advance!
  • dharasty

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    American English
    You have it right: it is a combination of "try hard" and "show your best side".

    So this definition captures both: "do something as well as you can so that others will notice".

    Your example sentence is a perfect usage because first day of work is an ideal day to leave the boss with a good impression.
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