(Put your) phones away!


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I teach high school students, and was wondering how to say "(Put your) phones away!" to a class. Sometimes students spend the class on their phones instead of doing their work.
Thanks! :)

EDIT: changed "Phones away!" to "(Put your) phones away!"
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    放一边 means to put/set aside. 收起来/收好 means to put away (=put it back to where it belongs). I think normally you shouldn't put your phone on one side of your desk in the classroom. You should put it where it belongs, for example, in your bag or pocket. I therefore suggest 把手机收起来 or 别玩手机. :)


    I think you should give a word making you sound more like a teacher. You should say"上课禁止玩手机", which means phones are prohibited in class"