put yourself in somebody else’s shoes

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[How to say "put yourself into other's shoes" in Germany?]

Is there any phrase or proverb?
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    basically I agree, but there is nothing of "meine" in the proverb in English in the given form.

    So I would say: Versetz dich mal in die Lage des/der anderen.

    Do you have any context? In which context do you want to use it?


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    Versetz dich mal hinein in meine Lage.
    Versetz dich mal in meine Lage hinein.

    Both have the same meaning as without "hinein" and are correct.
    "In meine Lage hinein" is neutral, "hinein in meine Lage" emphasizes "in meine Lage" - but does not change the meaning.
    It remains the same metaphor.

    Also possible with the same meaning but (may be) with a slightly friendlier connotation is:
    Versuch doch mal, dich in meine Lage zu versetzen.


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    Would it also work with “hinein” at the end? If so, are the two interchangeable, or is there a difference?
    The "hinein" does not add any information and I can see no difference. It seems to be a matter of habit and/or maybe even of region whether you prefer "sich in jemandes Lage versetzen" or "sich in jemandes Lage hineinversetzen". I tend to use the shorter version ;).