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    Sorry to be vulgar, but I'm trying to figure out a word that I've heard and am trying to use in a story. The word sounds like 'putaña' or 'putania'. I know it comes from the word 'puta' with a diminutive added to it... at least, I think. So, in English, it means something like, "little whore," or something. Does anyone know the correct spelling of it? Am I even close with the two spellings I've tried here?

    Thanks for the help. And, please excuse the vulgarity.
  2. JeSuisSnob

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  3. SDLX Master

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    That's not diminutive. It is actually derogatory.
  4. JeSuisSnob

    JeSuisSnob et modérateur aussi !

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    diminutivo, va.
    (Del lat. diminutīvus).

    1. adj. Que tiene cualidad de disminuir o reducir a menos algo.
    2. adj. Gram. Dicho de un sufijo: Que denota disminución de tamaño en el objeto designado, p. ej., en piedrecilla, o que lo presenta con intención emotiva o apelativa, p. ej., en ¡Qué nochecita más atroz! Una limosnita. Se usa también con adjetivos y adverbios con significación intensiva; p. ej., ahorita, cerquita, pequeñín.
    3. m. Gram. Palabra formada con sufijos diminutivos.
    Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

    "Putita" is derogatory and diminutive.

    Saludos, SDLX.
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    What kind of word is it (a noun, a verb...)?

    The closest word to the one you describe is "putañear" (which may sound like "putañiar"), an informal verb meaning "to have sex with prostitutes"; the adjective is "putañero" (which of course is always masculine, since "puta" and "puto" don´t share meaning.)


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