1. PlayZoo Senior Member

    españa (Cádiz)
    hi there!

    yesterday I saw the film 'Bend it like beckham' a word call my attention putar, what does this mean?,unfortunately I don´t remember the context, but I will see it again so as to know the whole sentece in which this word appeared.

    thanks in advance
    corrections are welcome

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  2. iLusion New Member

    English - US
    Putar basically comes from Hindi (National Language of India) and Punjabi (Language spoken in Punjab state of India). It means - Son / Daughter.
  3. PlayZoo Senior Member

    españa (Cádiz)
    so, I guess is not English, isn´t it?
  4. Reina140

    Reina140 Banned

    And no, it's not English.
  5. iLusion New Member

    English - US
    Yepper, its not english. Its in Hindi and Punjabi. If you have noticed the actress in the film is of East Indian origin, more specifically from Punjab state of India.

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