puts the creep in the creepy


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Hi, I've heard this phrase, googled it and it had no definition in the dictionaries although I've seen the exact usage a lot:

Next time I login, I will be closing my books. That user puts the creep in creepy.
This new ultra-lifelike animatronic robot named JiaJia puts the creep in creepy.

And so on...

Its meaning is obvious for anyone I guess. It must be someting like to give someone the creeps. But what is it exactly?
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    I should clarify, however, that that's just for this one. You can use the form in other ways. If there's an associate of yours that you don't care for, you can say, "He puts the ass in associate," meaning that the "ass" portion of the word "associate" is all about him.

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    Hello aytug2001, I don't want to wander off the topic, of course, but to answer your question
    But what is it exactly?
    this "put the - in ---" expression has developed into quite a funny way of saying that the person (or thing) to whom (or which) the description is applied has both those characteristics, and there are more examples here (source: wordnik.com), though some of them are rather contrived and meaningless. I found one in that list which is very witty: put the "sexy" in "dyslexic" (think about it :p ).
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