putting the fun back into driving


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'Putting the fun back into driving' is the title of an article that explains how driving has become something which is not a pleasure anymore due to the tough measures that had to be established because of the car's popularity.As a result of this, an event called 'track day' is created in order to let drivers go without speed limitations following just some basic rules.

I guess the phrase means returning the fun to driving (that was taken away with rules and so on) becoming a pleasure (as it was supposed to be). Is that right?

Thanks so much in advance.
  • Yes, that's exactly right. To "put the fun back into" something is a set phrase meaning making something fun again, after it has been ruined for some reason or another.
    By the way, would it be possible to use the set phrase with other nouns? For example: put the smile back into (her face) or put the joy back into classrooms ?