1. ingachu Member

    Spanish Spain
    Good and snowy afternoon from Madrid,

    Can anybody, please, tell me if there is something similar to "¿qué os parece?" in English?.
    I was thinking about "Do you agree?", but I don´t think it is exactly the same, so I though there is maybe another expression for this ¿?.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
  2. Ibermanolo Senior Member

    What do you think about it?
  3. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    "What do you think?" is enough. This is neutral-register and works in both American English and British English.

    "What do you reckon?" is British and colloquial.
  4. ingachu Member

    Spanish Spain
    Thank you!!!

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