Qué pasó, chabacano

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  1. tlfeher Member

    another chabacano one...

    Que paso chabacano?? le entro el espiritu navideno???
  2. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    chabacon means "gullible" in Mexico.

    What happened silly? You got into the Christmas spirit?
  3. Javier-Vega Senior Member

    Mexico espanol
    I am mexican and I have never heard that word. Well, it may be from the north. Where did you hear that?

    On the other hand, "chabacano" does mean "apricot" in Mexico. I think it is probably an specific nickname for the guy (used for personal reasons, unknown to us).
  4. tlfeher Member

    They are both from Chihuahua and I'm thinking it's some nickname they call each other.
  5. mhp Senior Member

    American English
    Oops! I misspelled it. It is chabacano as the original post said (and not chabacon). DRAE does not mention this usage. But my oxford dictionary lists it as

    chabacano1 -na adj
    a ‹ ropa/decoración › gaudy, tasteless, tawdry, vulgar, tacky (colloq); ‹ espectáculo › vulgar,
    tasteless; ‹ persona › vulgar; ‹ chiste/cuento › coarse, tasteless
    b (Méx) (simple, ingenuo) gullible
    chabacano2 m
    1 (Ling) pidgin Spanish (spoken in the Philippines)
    2 (Méx) (árbol) apricot tree; (fruta) apricot
  6. avasquez New Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Español Colombia
    I can say that in Colombia chabacano is an ordinary person, it can also be a nickname
  7. funnydeal Senior Member

    Mexico, D.F.
    Mexico / Español
    That word is used in some places in Mexico

    chabacano is an informal word, it comes from "chavo", because their pronuntiation is similar

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