1. Gibson11 Senior Member

    New Mexico
    English - USA/Texas
    What does "¿Qué quiere decir?" mean in english?

    I've heard a few people use it like when the're asking someone how to say somthing
    would it mean "What would you say" or "How would you say"

    ¡¡¡Muchas Gracias!!!
  2. rocamadour

    rocamadour Senior Member

    Hi Gibson! :)
    Qué quiere decir? = What does it mean?
    Ciao! :)
  3. sayah Senior Member

    Lawrence, KS
    Spain. Spanish
    Sorry... What does X mean?
  4. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    What does it mean?
  5. Reluck Senior Member

    Washington DC
    French (France - Marseille)
    it means : what does it mean?
    -or what does he mean?
  6. Gibson11 Senior Member

    New Mexico
    English - USA/Texas
    ¡¡¡Gracias nuevamente por la ayuda!!!:)
  7. norwegianwood Senior Member

    Milano, Italia
    Venezuela - Español

    "¿Qué quiere (usted) decir?" = "what do you mean?"
    "¿Qué quiere (ella/el) decir?" = "what does she/he mean?"

    This is because the conjugation "quiere" of the verb "querer" (to want) applies to the first person (pronoun) singular or third person singular.

    Perhaps if you can give a little bit more context...

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