Qué tendrá Londres...

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Hello again, guys:

I would like to get a translation to publish a Facebook update, however that sounds. The expression is "Qué tendrá Londres", the complete sentence would be:

"Karraspito, con pantalones Pierre Cardin y pashmina en el pescuezo. Qué tendrá Londres..."

The explanation: some time ago, I'd never have thought I'd ever wear Pierre Cardin jeans (as it's quite a posh brand. They were £10 on a sale, though) or a pashmina around my neck (as I didn't consider myself so trendy). So after mentioning it, I say "Qué tendrá Londres" meaning something like "there's something in London that makes me be trendy and cool even if I wasn't before coming here". Obviously, I've ruled out the literal translation "What will London have?" or similar as I don't think it keeps the original idea of the Spanish sentence.

So, any ideas?

"There must be something in London"

"Something has London"

Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for the massive post...
  • mijoch

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    The general phrase used here is

    "What's London got?"

    It can be negative or positive. "I can be trendy without London"----"London's got the real stuff".

    It's a rhetorical question suggesting that London is the centre of all.

    I¡m not sure I've explained this well. "What's London got that I can't get elsewhere?"



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    Sorry, the previous reply was for Galesa.
    Thank you, mijoch, "What's London got that I can't get elsewhere" is not exactly what I meant, it would rather be "What's London got that makes me be cool when I was never like that before?"
    I think "There must be something about London", suggested by Galesa, is exactly what I was looking for.
    Thank you very much for your help to both, though.

    Cerros de Úbeda

    Spanish - Spain (Galicia)

    - What does London have that...?
    - What's London got that...?

    I would say "What's it with London?
    In my opinion, this is the best one. But it's with 'it';

    'What's it with London that...?'

    Another one? What is it with these people?

    Sin 'it', es una expresión distinta, que significa '¿Qué hay de malo en...?';

    (*) Merriam-Webster
    - What's with?

    1: what is the reason for (something)
    - (So) what's with the hat?
    2: what is wrong with (someone or something) - What's with him? Is he upset?

    Definition of WHAT'S WITH

    "When in London..." perhaps.

    Nah... It's not the same idea. The original Spanish means;

    '¿Qué tiene / tendrá Londres (de) tan especial para que vaya yo de diseño...?'
    (= ¿Qué será lo que tiene Londres (de especial) para que...?)
    - What's / may be so special about London that I should wear design clothes?
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