Quadro RF


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Good morning.

What is a "Quadro RF" in English?

It is taken from a tax audit.
Underneath are various items such as:
Variazioni in aumento
Imposto non pagate

It should be Quadro reddito fiscale.
Income statement?
Fiscal income statement?
Income tax statement?
Income report?
  • Einstein

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    Hi Kelly.:) I can't help you much but "quadro" is generally used for a particular section of an income tax declaration and not for the complete statement.


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    Hi Kelly and Einstein :),
    I don't know how to translate "Quadro" (it looks like "section", "framework"..)
    But I've found that
    Quadro RF = Il quadro di determinazione del reddito fiscale (RF)

    According to this one , reddito fiscale = fiscal index