qualities of the noun


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"Descriptions about “What kind?” add detail about the qualities of the noun or pronoun being described. This ranges from details regarding physical characteristics to emotional states. Here are some examples: the yellow dress, the sad clown, the smart pupil."
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What does "qualities" mean in simple words in "the qualities of the noun..." in the given context?
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    Take the noun "boy" for example.

    Adjectives further describe the noun and they are the "qualities".

    Fat boy
    Skinny boy
    Tall boy
    Short boy
    Smart boy
    Stupid boy

    Additionally the boy could have several qualities:

    The skinny, tall, smart boy...


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    Any abstract noun of an adjective does so: redness, tallness, stupidity. Word classes like 'adjective' aren't really defined by the kind of thing they mean (such as 'quality'); they're really defined by their grammatical behaviour (goes before noun, can have comparative and superlative, etc.). But word classes are commonly explained by their typical properties: adjectives typically denote qualities, while most nouns don't.