Quality Rating and Improvement System

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    I am looking for a translation of the term "Quality Rating and Improvement System" (QRIS) for some consent forms for a research study about preschools in California.

    QIRS is an Early Childhood Education term meaning a set of ratings, graduated by level of quality (e.g., number of stars, or a letter grade), to assess and improve preschool and childcare programs. In addition, a QRIS provides technical assistance and support services to help programs improve.

    In a thread from a few years back, "sistema de evaluación y mejoramiento" was suggested. However, I wanted to see first of all how to get the word Quality in there (maybe "sistema de evaluación y mejoramiento de calidad"?) and second of all if people in present day who might be familiar with the term QRIS have seen translations of this term.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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    Encuentro "evaluación de calidad en el sistema de mejoramiento", pero me parece mejor "sistema de evaluación y mejoramiento de calidad", como dices.

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