quality VS. material

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Jingjing Tan

Senior Member
I don't think he has the right qualities to be a teacher. LINK

Hi everybody,
Can I interpret the sentence above as 'I don't see him as teacher material'? (It occurred to me to wonder whether they have similar meanings. Maybe it is a silly question.:p)

Any input will be appreciated.
  • Packard

    Senior Member
    USA, English
    I don't think he has the right qualities:

    Lacks patience
    Lacks communication skills
    Lacks sufficient education

    Since he lacks those qualities he is not "teacher material". "Teacher material" is very informal and you probably don't want to use it in formal writing.

    Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    Material is the raw stuff, fabric, cloth... from which one cuts out the parts to make a coat or a dress. And so teacher material is the raw potential to become a teacher. We also talk of officer material, management material...


    Senior Member
    English - U.S.
    I think it's absolutely fine when spoken in conversation like that but I would probably not use it in writing (such as in a report) myself.
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