Quand distance rime toujours avec attirance

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    Hello Fellow Linguophiles!

    I saw this headline "Quand distance rime toujours avec attirance" for an article about a binary star system that, according to theory in astronomy, shouldn't exist because the distance between the two stars is greater than has ever been observed. My lame translation "When distance still rhymes with attraction." But that doesn't make sense to me. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  2. tilt

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    Gerund may be the solution!
    What about When spacing still rhymes with attracting?
  3. Sickduck Senior Member

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    OK, but "toujours" here should be "always" and not "still", IMHO.
  4. pheelineerie

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    But "distance" actually does rhyme with "attirance" so the two words should rhyme in English too, shouldn't they? tilt had a good try at a rhyme but it doesn't make too much sense...
  5. mrnutz New Member

    In this case, "rhymes" doesn't means "finish with the same sound" like in poetry but means "is associated with". For example, in French we often say "amour rime avec toujours" which means that when you love it is always forever: the words "love" and "forever" rhymes. I hope you get it now...
  6. pheelineerie

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    Thanks for your explanation, but I don't think it's a coincidence that "amour" really does rhyme with "toujours" and that "attirance" really does rhyme with "distance". I understand that rimer means they go together, but (of course) it also means the words end with the same sound. I just think we will lose something if the English translation uses two words that don't rhyme.
  7. Gil Senior Member

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    How about:
    remoteness and attractiveness
  8. The MightyQ Senior Member

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    Far, far apart, but still the attraction is there.
    Just as we would be surprised by two persons being attacted to each other when they are far apart, so are the atronomers surprised by the attraction of these two stars, one for the other. They are much further apart than any other binary pair observed.

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