quand je serai/je serais

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was wondering how to say in French, the proper way, something like: And even when I am far away, I will still be thinking of it.

do we say 'même quand je serais.. je penserais...' or will we use some other grammatical form?

thanks in advance for all help
  • Benoît abroad

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    First, if you want to use the future tense, you should say "je serai" and "je penserai" ("serais" and "penserais" are the conditionnal tense).

    A little suggestion, quite simple:

    "Même loin de toi, je continuerai à penser à toi."

    or, if you dislike the repetition of "toi", you could say:

    "Même éloigné" or "Même à des kilomètres", je.....


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    Would the subjonctif présent work in this case?

    « ...même quand je sois.. je penserai... »​
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