quantities (facts and values)

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Hi all,
I'm translating into Spanish and subtitling the talk called "Who says science has nothing to say about morality", by Sam Harris in Oxford.

Sam Harris says:
Well, it is thought that there are two quantities in this world.
There are facts, on the one hand, and there are values on the other.
And it is imagined that these two are discreet entities
that can't be understood in monistic terms
and it's imagined that science can't say anything about values.

The word entities sounds perfectly fine to me, and I can easily translate it into entidades, which makes perfect sense in Spanish.
But the word quantities confuses me, because I don't think I should just translate it as cantidades (the Spanish word which would normally mean quantities in nearly any other context).

I think I should just use entidades, in both cases.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance,
  • JoseVerde

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    In this case he is using quantities to refer to groups, so categorías or grupos might work, though they do not capture the intellectual register he is using.
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