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I need some help please. I am lettering an ice machine and I need to put the phrase "QUARTERS ONLY" on the money slot. Can someone tell me how to say that in Spanish?
Thanks a Million!
  • JB

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    How about
    Sólo monedas de 25¢
    Monedas de 25¢, solamente.
    or if you want a more complete sentence
    Por favor, sólo use monedas de 25¢

    You said "lettering". I assume you mean you are making a sign.


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    Thank you very much Scotu. I will be asking many questions before I retire from my job in many years! LOL....I'm sorry. Yes I am making a sign and I get confused on sentence structure. I need to take some classes :) Thank you very much for the help. It is very much appreciated!!!!
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