quartier maître chef (dans la marine nationale)

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    Je cherche le nom en anglais du "quartier maître chef " dans la Marine Nationale.
    Est-ce que c'est "Petty Officer 3rd class in the Navy" ?

    I know so little about this subject, I hesitate. Any ideas in English? Merci & thank you!
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    Trying to find rank equivalents in different countries' armed forces can be something of a minefield :)D) because there are not always direct equivalents. And it depends what you mean by "en anglais", as English speaking countries can have different rank designations. However, in this case "chief quartermaster" gets 171,000 hits on Google, so it's probably a safe bet. By changing it to something else, you risk demoting or promoting the person. But I'm no expert either ...
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    Thank you both. What does the "Chef" mean here?
    I have found both Petty Officer 3rd class and Quartermaster (Wikipedia) and even Leading Seaman (Larousse).

    But the more I look the less sure of myself I become.
    Thank you both very much. If I can't find any more precise information I will indeed go with Quartermaster, especially as it is so closs to the French original.
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    Hello RobertaLynn,

    Quartermaster is a job, rather than a rank, in the British and American navies. Quartier maître is a rank in the French navy and navies modelled on the French one. Source.

    There is a huge set of tables (Rank Maven) which shows comparative ranks of the armed forces for all NATO countries. The "other ranks" (non-commisioned) categories are labelled OR-1 to OR-9, lowest to highest. I can't see "quartier maître chef" in the French table, but there is "quartier maître de 1ère classe", which is classed as OR-4. If you go to the US tables there are various Petty Officer naval ranks at 0R-4 to OR-6.

    I hope this helps. You have my sympathy.
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    Thank you all for your help! I think I've found the answer: my document is about the 1960's and the rank no longer exists. I did find an excellent website for others who may have the same problem. It explains each rank and even slang names for each!
    Quartier maître chef is two ranks above simple matelot (seaman recruit or seaman apprentice in the US Navy). I think the closest is actually Petty Officer 3rd class, as Quartermaster seems to involve mainly navigation. Any more information would be most welcome.

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