que a simple vista no se ve

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  1. CincoDeMayo Senior Member

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    En las letras de canta de Juliete: "Algo esta cambiando".

    Que significa la frase:"que a simple vista no se ve"

    Pienso que es algo como: "simply seeing is not enough" pero yo no seguro.

    El verso en todo es:
    "pero aunque quiero no lo se
    siempre hay algo mas
    que a simple visto no se ve"

    Beaucoup Gracias

  2. aztlaniano

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    Not readily apparent.

    But although I want to, I don't know
    There is always something more
    That's not there on the surface
  3. Innergod Member

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    To see something "a simple vista" means to see somethin without paying much attention. Could be:

    There's always something more
    that you can't see at simple sight.
  4. Maurix

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    I think "a simple vista" has an equivalent in english "with naked eyes" or something like that.

    "a simple vista" is an expression that indicates a superficial way of seeing things, without details.

    My try:

    "Though I want, I don´t know,
    there's something more beyond,
    that with naked eyes you can´t see"

    Let me know if you found the phrase inapropiate, or if it doesn't sound right to you.
  5. CincoDeMayo Senior Member

    Mountain View, CA
    English - USA
    I get it now. Makes sense to me.
    Thanks so much to all to everyone!

    By the way, I have become a great Juliete Venegas fan since first hearing her song "El Presente" a week ago. Is she popular throughout Spanish speaking counrties. I know she is from Mexico. ¡Viva Mexico!

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