que fue/ que fueron


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Hi guys

I wrote down those sentences below for an assesment. My teacher put those words between brackets because according to her you can leave them out. What are your thoughts about this? Can you leave it out because it´s obvious to what it refers? Can you just do that in all kind of texts?

La larga lista contenía una extraordinaria cantidad de versiones de la Biblia en francés y neerlandés (que fueron) impresas en Amberes.
Otro ejemplo es una parte del Antiguo Testamento (que fue) traducida en al inglés por William Tyndale.
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    I agree with Artifacts. You can leave them out since you are identifying the object (What French and Dutch versions of The Bible? The ones that were printed in Amberes / What part of the Old Testament? The one that was translated into English by William Tyndale)