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How can you translate "que lo digas" in this context (from the Simpsons):

Ned Flanders: "Homer, nunca te aburres"
Homer: "Que lo digas"

Would it be "you said it" or "you can say that again" or "you know it"

thanks in advance

  • belén

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    Yes, Homer's answer is a way to assure Ned that he is right.

    You never get bored!
    Yes, you can say that again!

    Actually, the complete idiom is "ni que lo digas", at least in Spain, I don't know about other Spanish-speaking countries.



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    I found in a dictionary the transalation for "¡Y que lo digas!! would be "you bet!"
    which do you use more the one who said belen "you can say that again" or you bet"?


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    In English they mean the same: You bet! or You can say that again! Both are used equally. I don't know about the Spanish translation, which would be used more.


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    Actually Coti, your "obvio" = "y qué lo digas" is very used in Uruguay and Argentina in that context, but not so much in other Spanish speaking countries.

    And the English "obviously" for me, doesn't convey the same meaning as the "you bet"


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    si, en realidad tenes razon.. obvio es casi una muletilla a esta altura por estas latitudes....


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    Sí, a mi ya se me pegó y lo uso muchísimo :):)
    Así que poco a poco a ver si enseñamos a hablar a estos galleguitos ;)