1. evaholic Member

    what does it mean ??
  2. volky

    volky Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA
    I interpret it as "what a shit".
  3. Yyrkoon

    Yyrkoon Senior Member

    Maybe.. What a fart!!
    or ... What a drunkenness!!
  4. tigger_uhuhu

    tigger_uhuhu Senior Member

    mexico city
    spanish-mx ct
    Volky is right...
    Is a little vulgar way to say What's new?, how are you?, what a fart!, or what a trouble! :D
  5. aleCcowaN Senior Member

    Castellano - Argentina
    We need more context, as this may vary from one coutry to another. But it's always frankly vulgar.
  6. volky

    volky Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA
  7. Xerinola

    Xerinola Senior Member

    Català/Español, Barcelona (SPAIN)
    Qué pedo! Is very used in Latinoamerica. It means: What a problem! (formal translation) Also: what a shit!

    Ejemplo: Esta mañana en la oficina ha habido un pedo increible!

    Saludos from barcelona!
  8. Yes, it's always vulgar, but you can use this anothe ones:

    Que melopea, que breva, que merluza, que tajada and so on...

    if you need another expressinos about spanish grammarian please tell me
    "learning a languaje is to be in touch with others"
  9. Mei Senior Member

    Where streets have no name...
    Catalonia Catalan & Spanish

    It depends of the context, it can mean "I'm plastered".

  10. volky

    volky Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA
    He oido algún que otro latinoamericano, (venezolanos en su mayoría), decir "que rollo" refiriendose a "que problema".
  11. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    The expression "qué pedo" either exclamative or interrogative, is MEXICAN slang. Àlthough it can be considered vulgar, it has permeated its way up to the upper classes and it´s kind of cool to say it.
    It can mean A LOT of things, and it can be a synonim of "¿qué pasa? or¿cómo dices?"
    and also things like "what a nerve!, what is your problem? want a fight?", etc.
    Pedo, starts with a p like problem, so it can also be a synonim of problem.
    In spite of the speculation, this slang from México, however, pedo means fart literally, but think of the word "problem".
  12. Pablete Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Otro significado muy muy común en España.

    ¡qué pedo el de ayer!
    ¡qué pedo me cogí ayer!


    how drunk I got yesterday!
  13. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    Be carefull with putting all Latin Americans in the same basket. Although we are all Spanish speakers, each country has its own vocabulary and culture. Are all Europeans the same?
    Vive la difference!
  14. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    Yes it also means getting drunk as in in Spain.
  15. Proserpina2000

    Proserpina2000 Senior Member

    I agree to lapachis8 and Pablete. It means that you are legless in Spain. It's slang.
  16. muerte2vida Member

    In Mexico it is very often used in the same way that Americans say "what's up?" or "how's it goin?"
  17. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Thanks, Lapachis, for your excellent explanation.
    Like you said, this is MEXICAN slang.

    Hey guys, the term in question is "qué pedo." Please don't give us every example you can think of for the word "pedo". We're taking about "qué pedo" here, and not about farts.

    Read Lapachis' post. It's self explanatory.

  18. gabita2007

    gabita2007 New Member

    Argentina_ español
    HI It means getting drunk in Argentina X-/
  19. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Yes, so it is in Mexico, but it would be:
    Estoy pedo.
    Me puse un buen pedo.
    Juan está pedo.
    Vámonos de pedo.

    Que pedo nos pusimos. --- Not the same as ¿Qué pedo? which is a question.

    Get what I mean?

  20. lum4 Member

    Si fuera " qué pedo!" yo interpretaría "qué locura!", de una ,manera más vulgar.

  21. Vale_yaya Senior Member

    Minnesota, USA

    Not in here!!!... if you use it like that, people wouldn't understand you at all or give you a weird look like: what the hell are you talking about??.. because it would mean that "An incredible fart happened earlier in the morning"... ???..

    I think it's only used in México or maybe Central America. For us "pedo" means "fart" (no slang with it).
  22. Gonzpat Senior Member

    United States
    Mexican Spanish
    I completely agree with Lapachis8. In Mexico, posing the question "que pedo?" may have one of two meanings, depending on the context and the inflexion:

    1) Wassup/what's up? (asked just as an innocent, casual question)
    2) What is your problem? Wanna fight? (asked with a certain degree of aggressiveness, as if daring the other person --note the emphasis on your in English)

    There is a common exchange with this expression that's often used by Mexicans. Although it sounds vulgar, it is supposed to be funny at the same time because of the rhyme:

    PERSON A asks: - Que pedo?
    PERSON B responds: - El que te saco con el dedo, porque con el pie no puedo.

    Agree with Zumac too that the expression being discussed here has to do with "que pedo?" as a question, not as an exclamation or anything else.
  23. cesarduck Senior Member

    Guadalajara, Jalisco.
    Español - México
    En este caso no significa nada más que; WHAT'S UP como muchos ya lo dijeron. Pedo puede significar bastantes cosas que no terminaríamos de mencionartelas pero en este caso es como saludar.

    Estoy pedo = I'm drunk
    Que pedo contigo = what's wrong with you?
    No la hagas de pedo = don't mess with me/it/etc.
    John me sacó un pedo = john has scared me
    Julio es buen pedo = julio is really hilarious
    Hey que pedo!! = hey dude what's up
    Me eché/tiré un pedo = I farted (i dont know how to say "fart" in past).

    Among other meanings, and the real translation for "pedo" is " a fart".
  24. Gonzpat Senior Member

    United States
    Mexican Spanish

    Me eche un pedo = I blew a fart
  25. wilbur142 Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Como dijo zumac, el término a traducir es "qué pedo", no "pedo". Con "pedo" (sin el "qué") obtenemos multitud de significados y el autor del post puede confundirse.
  26. cesarduck Senior Member

    Guadalajara, Jalisco.
    Español - México
    Gracias amigo.

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