que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares


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"...pero el proceso de recuperación y reciclaje lo convierte en materia prima y su comercialización en mercancía, que adquiere valor de cambio, y genera ganancias, que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares..."

This is a report on improving the ecosystem of an area in Colombia and the benefits to the population.

Mainly, I don't understand "sujetos particulares". My attempt:

"...but the collection and recycling process turns it into raw material and its marketing of goods (I'm actually confused by this as well!), acquiring an exchange value and generating profits that are suitable for private individuals OR special subjects (occasions?)".

It really doesn't make any sense to me. Help! :p
  • bluepolaris

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    Hi Sheena,

    The expression "sujetos particulares" is a Spanish legal technicality that refers to "individuals, private individuals", as opposed to companies or corporations, so I think that your translation is thoroughly accurate.



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    Perhaps the idea is "profits, which are appropriated by private individuals"?

    Yes, you are right, Chris, sometimes we skip tiny details that turn out to be important in the end. "Por" and "Para" are not the same, and that´s the crux of the matter here. Your suggestion is correct.