1. JohanG Senior Member

    Vancouver Canada
    English, Canada
    I keep hearing "que vaya bien". At least that is what it sounds like. Store clerks and bus driver say it to me as I thank them. I am in Nayarit, Mexico. Can anyone help me translate it. I am not sure it is as I have written it but that is what it sounds like. Actually the vaya sounds more like the final a is missing.
  2. mylam Senior Member

    United States English
    The closest to a literal translation that I can come up with is: "May it go well with you." It's a good-bye phrase, wishing you well.
  3. outkast Senior Member

    English, USA
    I think it's "Que le vaya bien". Basically it's "Fare well".
  4. Hidrocálida

    Hidrocálida Senior Member

    You are right
    We say:
    Que le vaya bien
  5. JohanG Senior Member

    Vancouver Canada
    English, Canada
    Thanks folks. You are prompt and on the money as usual....Johan
  6. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

    Tampa, Florida, USA
    USA / Native Language: English
    Take a look at this link: ¡Que le vaya bien!

    Also: http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=167984

    I think sometimes it is used something like "have a good day" but literally means more like "I hope things go well for you." or something like that.
  7. Hiro Sasaki Senior Member

    Osaka, Japn
    Japan, Japanese
    The similar expression is "Vaya con dios"


    Hiro Sasaki
  8. Jeannie Cole New Member

    I grew up in New Mexico. There, in isolated pockets and on old rancheros, many speak an old form of Spanish. One of my dear friends, Eloise Means, who also was raised in New Mexico, near El Paso, recently died at 95 years of age. She used to say this phrase to me whenever we parted. One day I asked her for a good translation and she said, "Que le vaya bien is like a blessing that all will go well with you." Que le vaya bien, Eloise, as your spirit travels over your precious ranch in New Mexico. Jeannie

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