quedar en blanco - al final este regalo quedó en blanco


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Hello, nice and learned people of Wordreference!
First of all, I would like to apologize about my poor English. I have never had the chance of studying it well. Although I love it. So I was learning by myself.

Now I need to write something to someone and I would like to make it sure. (Or do it right).

I want to write this:

Después de cambiar y cambiar, al final este regalo quedó en blanco. Pero hay una razón. Este (objeto; regalo) necesita que tus ideas e imaginaciones sean expresadas en ella. Porque se sabe (o él sabe) que eso es lo mejor que existe.

My trying:

After changing on and on this gift ended in blank. But there is a reason. It needs your ideas and imaginations being expressed in it. Because it knows those are the best.

Hopefully someone can help me. Thank you very much for reading.

Best regards.

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    After changing and changing, in the end this gift came up blank. But there's a reason: it needs your ideas and imagination to be expressed in it, because it knows those are the best.

    Bienvenido al foro.

    The part about "este regalo quedó en blanco" is not completely clear.
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