quedarse en blanco

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  1. Voltaire

    Voltaire Member

    Which form is the most frequent / correct ?

    "Me quedo en blanco."

    "Mi mente se queda en blanco."

    Mil gracias
  2. Mei Senior Member

    Where streets have no name...
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    Do you have any context? Both are correct.

  3. María Madrid

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    The first one is just perfect.

    Probably "mi mente se queda en blanco" sounds a bit too much. We don't tend to say my xxxx in Spanish, if it hurts and I can feel the pain, it is obvious it's MY head, not hers.

    La mente se me queda en blanco would sound more natural. However, as I said, the first one is just fine. Saludos. :)
  4. Voltaire

    Voltaire Member

    perfect. thks.
  5. Mei Senior Member

    Where streets have no name...
    Catalonia Catalan & Spanish
    Cuando dices...

    Cuando tengo un examen me quedo en blanco.

    Cuando tengo un examen mi mente se queda en blanco.

    ... quizá escogería la segunda también :eek: pero para mi las dos son correctas.

  6. Alunarada Banned

    hi ya!
    i would say that "Me quedo en blanco." is most common one, then the most used.

    as for the second, it is more literary and more used in its past form, in reported speech, so that way you are telling something that happened to you to a third person: "entonces, mi mente se quedó en blanco." but anyways i would find it a common one in books ;) but it is ok if you want to speak it.
  7. Horror Member

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    No encontrú la traducción al inglés para " quedarse en blanco" o " mi mente se queda en blanco"
  8. agustina bsas Senior Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    You could also say "se me hizo una laguna", which has the same meaning.
  9. frida-nc

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    Disculpa los años de demora.

    "to go blank." "I just went blank for a minute." "My mind went / has gone blank."

  10. DelaChón

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    EUR Spanish (Aragon)
    When you don't know what to say (next), you dry up --> Se quedó en blanco en mitad de la clase, nos iba a decir algo y, de repente, sin más, se le olvidó.

    When you don't know how to react, you are speechless --> Al decirle que lo dejaba (= when she told him she was breaking up with him), el pobre se quedó sin palabras.

    When somebody scares you or you experience a drop in blood sugar, you turn pale --> Macho, me he quedado blanco del susto que me has dado, cabronazo.

    When you can't remember something, your mind goes blank --> Ayer bebió tanto que hoy no recuerda nada, ¡tiene unas lagunas tremendas!

    When you have not gotten a wink of sleep or have a sleepless night (due to either studying or partying) --> No he pegado ojo en toda la noche.

    When you are as white as snow (= remarkably light-skinned) --> - Dicen que es muy clarico de piel... - ¿¡Pero tú lo has visto!? ¡Si es más blanco que la leche, el mozo!

    Hope this helps (Y)
  11. DelaChón

    DelaChón Senior Member

    EUR Spanish (Aragon)
    Also: get tongue-tied (especially when you are nervous about sth).

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