queer as folk

Discussion in 'English Only' started by fun_man_chu, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. fun_man_chu New Member

    What does that expression mean?
  2. Vanda

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    One possibility is the reference to a British television series about a group of gay man . Now there's an American remake of it.
  3. clairanne Senior Member

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    As far as I know it comes from a northern english expression " There's nought(nowt) so queer as folk" which means " There is nothing as strange/weird as people" and is said when somebody does something unexpected or peculiar.
    This saying has nothing to do with a persons sexuality and has been said as long as I can remember.
  4. fun_man_chu New Member

    I know it refers to a gay tv series, but does the expression have any meaning?
  5. Vanda

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    Clairannes is right, in the context of that link it states where the expression came from:
  6. Brioche

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    I've heard it as "There's nowt as queer as folk" with a nice strong northern English accent.
    The expression has been around a lot longer than television!
  7. fun_man_chu New Member

    thanks clairanne. It's what I wanted to know.
  8. fun_man_chu New Member

    This forum goes faster than my typing....
  9. se16teddy

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    If you type 'queer as folk' in the search function you'll find that there are at least six threads on this subject already.
  10. teachercc New Member

    thanks anyway but this was an old thread and it does not answer my question.
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