quelques dizaines de mille

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  1. piskot Member

    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if you could help me with translation of "quelques dizaines de mille le nombre des soldat". would it be correct to say some tens of thousand soldiers? thank you:)
  2. cropje_jnr

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    Hi and welcome. :)

    What is the full sentence? I would say "several tens of thousands the number of soldiers" from what we have already.
  3. tilt

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    I feel like suggesting few tens of thousands, instead, because quelques doesn't implies as much as plusieurs, usually.
    But I agree a whole sentence is generally better to translate anything.
  4. piskot Member

    thank you for your answers.. well, the whole sentence is: Antoine lui remontra que si l'on estimait à quelques dizaines de mille le nombre des soldats allemands qui étaient passés par Nanres en quantre annés d'occupation, il n'était pas exessivement serprenant d'en rencontrer un en visitant l'Allemagne... (uff!). My suggestion is: "Antoine explained her that if one estimate that there were ...tens thousands German soldiers who passed through Nantes during the (article or not?) occupation, it was not too sorprising to meet one (of them?) while visiting Germany...
    Would you agree with my translation?
    ps: this forum is really very useful! :)
  5. Gwan Senior Member

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    Suggestions in bold above. Bearing in mind that I'm not a native French speaker of course
    Oh and either 'one' or 'one of them' is fine
  6. piskot Member

    Dear Gwan,
    thank you for your help. I am wondering why didnt you translate " that there were a few" ? though in the French text there is not 'il y a' I miss something in the English sentence..
  7. Gwan Senior Member

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    "There were a few" would not agree with the verb "passed" later on in the sentence. Although looking at the French again you're right that you could say "there were a few tens of thousands of German soldiers who passed through..."
  8. piskot Member

    well, yes, I think I will use the option with there were + who.. Thank you!

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