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Hola a todos,

Traduzco un documento del Tribunal de Primera Instancia de Carolina de Puerto Rico. Abajo del nombre del acusado, dice "Num. De Querella De Policía XXXX-X-XXX-XXXXX".

None of the WR definitions for "querella" seems appropriate.

I wonder if it might be accurate to translate it in one of the following ways:

"Cause Number: XXXX-X-XXX-XXXXX"

"Case Number: XXXX-X-XXX-XXXXX"

"Complaint Number XXXX-X-XXX-XXXXX"

Is it necessary to include the word "police"?

Muchísimas gracias de antemano por su ayuda.

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    Originally Posted by Heredianista
    Abajo del nombre del acusado, dice "Num. De Querella De Policía XXXX-X-XXX-XXXXX".
    Correction, the above should be "debajo del".

    Thank you, JB! I get my languages crossed sometimes, these days. I appreciate your correction.
    According to a translator and interpreter in the Interpreters' Office in the Department of Homeland Security (NY), the Spanish translators in that office uniformly translate this phrase as "Police complaint No."
    Police complaint? Por esa frase entendería que es algo que afecta o de que se queja la policía, más no lo comprendo en el sentido de tu pregunta original.
    Hi Iuris,

    Actually, a "police report" can be one of two different things:

    1. A report made to the police by a civilian about a crime,
    2. A report written by a police officer about criminal events, an arrest, the progress of a police investigation, or any other aspect of police work that is required to be recorded.

    In example 1., for example, I might say: "Someone stole my purse yesterday and I had to go and file a police report" (or "file a report with the police").

    I hope that helps.