Question about "aboard"


Dear friends,

I would like to ask you a question about "aboard".

1) I am aboard a ship.

2) I am aboard a plane.

I know the first one is acceptable, but how about the second one?

Someone told me that it is incorrect in BE. Really?
  • Edinburgher

    Senior Member
    German/English bilingual
    No, it is not incorrect.
    For example, when the passengers enter the plane, we say that they are boarding the plane. Before they do so, they check in and get a boarding card, which allows them to go aboard.

    George French

    Senior Member
    English - UK
    I can understand the feeling because many/most of us would possibly us on instead of aboard in both 1 and 2. But it also depends on context.


    Unless there was a compelling reason for using aboard I would use on..
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