Question about the emphatic pattern


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Yesterday,our English teacher taught us the emphatic pattern.
She said, the emphatic pattern can only be written in:

It is/was +emphatic part+that/who+the rest of the sentence.

I saw a sentence in one very very old book today. It is:

It is the microcomputers in which the engineering students are interested.

The book says this is an emphatic sentence.But my teacher does not think so......

So, is this sentence the emphatic sentence or not?It really drives me crazy....

Thanks for your answering.

  • entangledbank

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    The connecting word need not be 'that' or 'who'. It can be any similar word or phrase, as used in relative clause:

    It was in Hong Kong where we first met.
    It was 2005 when we first met.

    I don't much like your example with 'in which'; there seems something a bit strange about it. But I think 'in which' can be used in this way too.

    It is December in which we celebrate Christmas.
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