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Discussion in 'English Only' started by nasridine, Mar 9, 2006.

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    In class, teachers often say: this question is quite intuitive. or "intuitively blur blur........."
    WHat is the meaning of intuitive here? Does it mean "simple and straighforward" in some sense?
  2. maxiogee Banned

    Intuition is the power of the mind to preceive the truth without reasoning or analysis - in other words the answer to the question should just come to you and it will 'feel right.

    Nowadays it tends to imply that something has been so thoroughly instilled by practice and good teaching that the answer springs readily to mind.
    For example, no one needs to think about how to turn on their new tv set, they are all designed along the same lines. You've been turning on and off the brand X model for so long that when you buy brand Y it wouldn't even occur to you to think that it won't work in the same way.
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    The noun is "intuition," the verb is "to intuit" and there's the adjective "counter-intuitive," which refers to something that seems not to work the way one would intuitively expect it to. :)
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    "Intuitive" is the ability to learn complex skills and solve problems on a subconscious basis; for example, a child learning to speak without learning the rules of grammar. The rules of grammar were learned but the child cannot tell you what they are. (The Intuitive Brain)

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