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  1. Juve1234 New Member


    I would like to translate "question + smth", in the way of putting something in perspective, to let room for a new debate about it.

    Online, on wordreference itself, I found 引起对…的怀疑, but is there not any less complex structure to express it?

  2. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    In general, it should be 质疑...
    But we still need a clear context to see if it's perfect to use.

    引起对...的怀疑 may not be the proper choice in many cases. It literally means "to cause suspicion about ..."
  3. Juve1234 New Member

    For example, question the society prejudices ?
  4. Testing1234567 Senior Member

    Hong Kong
    To question the prejudices in the society = 质疑社会上的偏见

    Other than that, question in the sense of "questionner un criminel" would be 盘问, and question in the sense of "douter qqch" would be 质疑

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