[Question Tag] You'll be playing football tomorrow

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    American English
    I just wanted to know whether or not this sentence (with question tag) is right

    You'll be playing football tomorrow, won't you?

    Thanks :)
    It's not a term I had seen until I came here, but the correct one seems to be "tag question," not "question tag." Not a unique error for a non-native.

    It's a question used as a tag, not a tag used as a question, if that helps.
    Fabulist, I'm afraid you have missed the previous discussions in which it has been established that a 'tag question' is the AmE version, whereas a 'question tag' is the British version and therefore you cannot say that the latter is an error (There may be some Brits who use the American variant too though).

    All my English grammar books, whether they come from the Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press or Longman Pearson always call them 'question tags'. :)

    Here's a sample definition from Cambridge Dictionaries online: question tag
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