"Question to" or "for" someone?


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I came across a documnet entitled "Questions to experts" at work.
Can you please tell me if that is correct English or it should be "Questions for experts" instead?

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    We say I have a question for you and I want to put a question to you.

    Since your phrase is a header, you could use either (i.e. it could mean questions that we want to put to experts).
    I agree that Questions for experts is more likely.


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    As it is a title, you can expect there to be some words omitted.

    "Questions to experts" = "Questions that are addressed to experts" (If a document has this title, you could expect a list of questions that ordinary people have asked experts (which would the be followed by the experts' answers.)

    "Questions for experts" = "Questions for experts to answer." (If a document has this title, you could expect difficult questions that require an answer but which only an expert would be able to answer. It could even be a test to discover if you can be classified as an expert.)

    That said, there is some overlap in meaning. The only way to find out which is meant is to look at the questions that follow.
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