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Språkliga Möten

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I want to ask whether (for example) the 25th of December this year is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

How can I ask?

And how can I ask what kind of the day the 25th of December is? (To which one can answer "Christmas day")?
  • morior_invictus

    Senior Member
    Maybe you could ask:

    What day of the week is December 25th 2013?
    On what day of the week does December 25th fall this year?
    What day of the week does December 25th fall on this year?

    Q: What holiday is (celebrated) on December 25th?
    A: Christmas (Christmas Day).


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    English English
    For the first question I'd be far more likely to ask: What day [of the week] does Christmas Day fall on this year?
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