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Could you write quest ragazzo? Or would it be incorrect? Could I do that with other masculine verbs, like: quest allenatore, or quest mondo, or quest uomo? To me, it just seems easier to say, but would this be hard for an Italian to understand, like saying to an American, "Thi world" or "thi man" or "thi coach"?
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    Hi PrimoPosto,
    let's see if I can make this clearer for you.

    - Questo is masculine singular, you use it when the following noun is masculine, singular and starts with consonant.

    - Questa is feminine singular, you use it when the following noun is feminine, singular and starts with consonant.

    - Quest' is the elided form of either questo or questa. You use it when the following noun starts with a vowel.

    - Quest , without apostrophe, doesn't exist.

    So coming to your examples, you would say:

    questo ragazzo
    (masculine, singular, ragazzo starts with consonant)
    quest'allenatore (masculine, singular, allenatore starts with a vowel)
    questo mondo (masculine, singular, mondo starts with consonant)
    quest'uomo (masculine, singular, uomo starts with a vowel)

    You would also say:
    questa donna (feminine, singular, donna starts with consonant)
    quest'amica (feminine, singular, amica starts with a vowel)

    For the plural, you either use questi (following noun is masculine plural) or queste (following noun is feminine plural) regardless whether the noun starts with vowel or consonant.

    questi ragazzi
    questi uomini
    queste donne
    queste amiche

    Did this help? I hope so :)



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    Avevo l'impressione che quest' non fosse obbligatorio davanti ad una vocale, ma facoltativo--- oppure sbaglio?

    Per esempio: Questo articolo, questa ultima notizia
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