Queue questions asked or Cue questions asked?

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    Hello, I would greatly appreciate some clarity on the use of cue and queue. I work at a social work call center and my job requires me to ask a set of questions. Once all the questions have been asked I have to put at the end of my narrative all questions have been asked. I as well as several others have been writing " Cue questions have been asked." An e-mail message was sent out today advising all employees need to start using the correct word queue and not Cue when indicating all the questions have been asked.

    Example Cue questions asked.
    Example Queue questions asked.
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    The way I understand it is that queue (French for "tail") is used for lining up.
    ex: There's always such a long queue at the bank.

    Cue refers to something that directs you to something else.
    ex: That sound is my cue to go onstage.

    Maybe it's supposed to read "queue questions" because it refers to the lineup of questions that you're asking ?? Probably a topic for the English only forum though.

    :) Good luck !
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    welcome to the forum Mardi 17 :)
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    I think the person who sent the e-mail message is right. And Rocket girl explained it very well imo.

    In telecommunications and computer sciences, you will often see queue, to mean "file d'attente". Questions are queued, pending an answer.

    you may see queued / in queue if you're trying to download a song, and several persons are trying at the same time.

    Définition (telecom):
    Ensemble d'appels qui, ne pouvant être acheminés immédiatement, sont retenus jusqu'à ce qu'un agent d'appels puisse les traiter.
    Définition (computer sciences):
    Structure de données dans laquelle sont rangées, par ordre chronologique d'arrivée, les tâches en attente de traitement, selon la formule : premier entré, premier sorti.
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    Just wanted to give another specification :)

    When refering to telecommunications/radiocommunications, the GDT translates cue as "signal d'avertissement" or "top"

    Définition :
    A pre-arranged signal, for production purposes, to a studio or other programme source.
    Définition :
    Impulsion de courant de courte durée servant à la synchronisation.

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