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does anybody know the meaning of this french word?

to help you, here one sentence in which It can be used:

il est un vrai quetard sans interet

thank you
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    I suppose it is the word "queutard"...:)
    It means that this man likes women a bit too much, if you see what I'm trying to say.;)


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    Je cherche aussi la traduction de queutard. Je ne suis pas exactement d'accord avec les définitions données ici. Pour moi, un queutard est un homme qui cherche à coucher avec des femmes (ou des hommes, ceci dit, tout dépend de ses goûts) mais sans rien vouloir de plus. Il recherche les coups d'un soir. Cela ne veut pas dire qu'il couche souvent et avec beaucoup de monde; cela peut être le cas, mais pas frocément. L'idée principale est qu'il ne cherche rien de plus dans une relation qu'un coup d'un soir.

    Comment dire ça en anglais?


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    Oui, enfin ce que je voulais préciser c'est qu'il essaie tout le temps de créer les rencontres qui pourraient déboucher sur des coups d'un soir, et que régulièrement il y parvient. Mais pour moi un queutard peut aussi être un looser qui n'a pas toujours du succès et qui ne couche pas souvent. Parce que, le pauvre, il ne sait pas bien s'y prendre. Ou bien parce qu'il a peur des rateaux.
    Autrement dit le queutard peut être velléitaire ... ;)

    Ceci dit on n'a pas de traduction sérieuse de queutard, à moins que horndog ou dickyard conviennent?


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    Ceci dit on n'a pas de traduction sérieuse de queutard, à moins que horn dog ou dickyard conviennent?
    Sorry, but dickyard is not a word known to me (I believe it was only a clever suggestion by a non-native speaker), and unfortunately it really doesn't "ring" as a translation for queutard.

    My earlier suggestion of horn dog is indeed a common AE slang term for a perpetually horny (BE randy) person (usually male).

    See here for some discussion of famous horn dogs.

    There are likely other terms in BE (perhaps something using randy?).
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    Dickyard doesn't exist as far as I know, and horndog isn't really said over here (I actually thought it was something you ate...anyway).

    Horny bastard, randy little fucker, manwhore...


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    Sorry to post a month after the debate but...

    Randy seems to be more of an adjective, and is apparently quite scottish (or at a pinch Northern English).
    Horndog seems perfectly right to me, but I've heard from some anglophone that first, it was really American English (they were - and still are - British), and some American fellows told me they didn't really use that word (one even didn't know it...).
    Manwhore seems to fit alright too, even though it's not common once again.

    I am French and I am deseperately searching for a word that would translate exactly "queutard".
    This word is very common and definitely negative. It doesn't mean that the man is a player or a womanizer... It just means that the man is totally obsessed by his penis ("queue", as in "tail") and is more likely to use it rather than its brain in its behaviour with women (or men, if the guy is gay, it doesn't change). Then if he is actually successful with them doesn't really change anything.
    For a perfect example of "queutard": all the s**tstorm stirred up around Dominique Strauss-Kahn after the Nafissatou Diallo case... Then many detractors of this man (and first feminist activists) called him a "queutard" and dissed him for the behaviour that he (and many male politicians) can have towards women.

    In a nutshell, a "queutard" would be the masculine equivalent of the figurative use of "whore" or "slut" to describe a woman with a promiscuous behaviour with the opposite sex.

    Do you see my point? Then just tell me if you see another word to translate it!
    Thank you a lot in advance!


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    We totally use "man-whore."

    I don't know where "dickyard" came from, but there is a term "dicktard" (dick + retard) - someone who thinks with his dick, which leads him to make stupid decisions. But that can easily be confused with dicktard, asstard, gaytard, etc. just meaning "an intensified form of 'retard' made by adding another dirty word onto its beginning."

    I think the best way to express this in English is with the verb phrase "to think with his dick."


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    politely: womanizer

    impolitely: letch

    Still, queutard is a bit unique in French. Since it comes from the word "queue". There is something animalistic about this word. A queutard isn't a sensitive dude who completes "la bête à deux dos" mild-manneredly.

    Queuter, the verb is perhaps the most vulgar action in the language. In part, because the verb is rare. People from good backgrounds don't frequently use it. Think Michel Houellebecq. It is evocative of Henry Miller's verb "to cunt" or "decunt" (pull out).
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    Looking myself for a translation of this term, after reading this long thread I think "horny bastard" is a great solution and gives the essence of what it means (a man obsessed with sex and looking for it all the time but not necessarily getting it). It's kind of universal too as many of those other English/American terms I've never heard of before or sound too vulgar, too literary or old-fashioned to me.


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    About the same as "un chaud lapin" which the forum dictionary translates: a horny so-and-so.
    It reminds me of an anecdote: a person referring to the youngsters riding their mopeds (at that time there were no scooters) to impress the girls as "des couettes en l'air motorisées".

    Keith Bradford

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    My feeling is that, in colloquial British English at any rate, we'd often avoid using a noun and instead say "He's got a one-track mind". (The classic response is: Yes, dirt-track.)