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    Can anyone tell me more about the word "quiciales"? Taken from I Kings 7:50, it is apparently translated as "hinges" in the KJV. I haven't found it in a dictionary yet.
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    Hi preciso!!! Welcome to the forums!!!
    You know, this is your lucky day, since I have a bilingual Bible at home, and have just now came back from the office!!! How cool is that, eh??

    Ok, in my Bible it says: "... and the gold sockets for the doors of the innermost room...."
    Therefore, the word you are looking for is socket.

    Hope this has been useful for you!!! Cheers!!!
    BTW, in case you are looking for more biblical translations... you know where to find me...;) :D
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    [PDF] EL LLAMAMIENTO DE ISAIAS File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    "Y los quiciales de las puertas se estremecieron con la voz del que. clamaba, y la casa se lleno de humo." Isaías 6:4. FALSO O VERDADERO ...
    children.calvarychapel.com/site/Span_Old/ESP142.pdf - Similar pages

    Creo que se refiere a "hinges"...como indicas.
  4. preciso Member

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    Thanks a lot! That whole chapter has a lot of vocabulary expansion possibilities in both English and Spanish. I got most of my questions answered in the dictionary, but that one had me stumped!
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    Eugin, you offered, so I'll take you up on it -- what about "despabiladeras", from the same verse? BTW, I'm new to forum use in general, so if I break the rules, it's through ignorance, not malice...

  6. Eugin

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    As you are new, you could benefit from reading the Rules then, you can read them here, and so, we keep the order within this forum.

    You need to open a new thread for every new question/ word you want to ask for help....
    But well, maybe a moderator will split up this thread for you, and in the meantime, I can tell you that "despabiladeras" is translated as: wick trimmers.


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