quick out of the blocks [football]

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    What does "quick out of the blocks " mean in the follwoing, please?

    Muang Thong were quick out of the blocks and forced Sriwijaya to defend in the first 20 minutes, with Pichitphong Choeichiu and Datsakorn Thonglao both having chances.

    Reference: http://blog.qnet.net/2011/02/afc-champions-league-2011-play-off-results/
    It means they were off faster and out front. Out of the blocks refers to the starter blocks runners use in track meets at the starting line.


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    It's a reference to sprinting blocks, or starting blocks, used at the beginning of sprint races. It means they got off to a fast start, often implying that they gained an advantage over the competition. In the case, I assume over Sriwijaya?
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