quien lo beba/bebe (subjuntivo/indicativo)


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Hello there,

I wondered if anyone could help with the translation of the following sentence? I am a bit unsure about whether to use the subjunctive or not.

However the physical market will always involve the trade in physical volumes of coffee with the ultimate purpose to deliver coffee from the producer who grows the coffee to the consumer who drinks the coffee.

Sin embargo, el mercado físico siempre involucra el comercio de volúmenes de café físico, con el objetivo final de entregar café del productor quien lo cultiva al consumidor quien lo beba.

For some reason, it sounds right to keep the first verb (cultiva) in the indicative and the second (beba) in the subjunctive, I think because it is less certain who will finally drink the coffee, but I wonder if both should be in the subjunctive? Or neither?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
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    Sin embargo, el mercado siempre involucra el comercio de volúmenes físicos de café, con el objetivo final de entregarlo desde el productor, quien lo cultiva, al consumidor que lo bebe.
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