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We're still in the street, arguing over my family history gone lost, and I say what I always say to this girl who was swaddled in a quilt sewn from her grandmother's dresses: "Oh, look at me, my uncle shot Franz Ferdinand and started World War One, then Count Balthus came to Sarajevo to paint a portrait of my mother playing badminton in white kneesocks."

What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank
Nathan Englander

Does 'a quilt' also mean something one can wear? Something like a cape?

Please help. Thank you.
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    A quilt is a blanket -- they are usually lightweight and pliable enough that you can wrap them around you. It is for putting on the bed, so it's not an article of clothing or a cape.


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    I imagine she did. Quilts comes in all sizes and shapes, so it doesn't surprise me that one is being worn like a cape.
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