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    In the movie ' The Lincoln Lawyer2011 ' the lawyer and his investigator are talking about a new client that they're gonna handle his case.
    Investigator : Why'd he choose you, Mick? Rich kid, spoiled as shit, never heard the word "no". Lawyer : Yeah, but the damn thing is the way he tells the story, Frank. It's just quirky enough to be true.
    What does lawyer mean by saying ' quirky enough ' ?
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    The way he tells the story is peculiar /strange enough to be true.
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    It's hard to know whether he means that the story is too unlikely to have been made up, or that the way in which it's told is bizarre and that makes one believe the man is telling the truth.

    The lawyer says the second, but I think he means the first.
  4. boozer Senior Member

    I agree with TT, Badass (it's got a ring to it, huh :D) - ultimately, the meaning is that one cannot make up something so quirky irrespective of how it's said. The person may have been crying or laughing while telling the story, but the focus is on the credibility of the story, not the manner in which it was told.
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    Really unclear from this perspective. I don't get the punctuation from the OP. It makes the storyline very ambiguous. So ... on the fence! :confused:

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