Quirt - a type of livestock whip

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    A Quirt is a short braided whip of soft leather, about 18 inches long, with a stinger tip of thin rawhide attached to the tip, about ten inches long. I'm told the vaqueros use such a thing. Does anyone know what it is called in Spanish?
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    Thank you, Mate - those two images are definitely a kind of quirts, and after doing some research I'm thinking that the one I'm translating -- missing the wooden handle -- is a variation rather than the norm.

    SpanishDict equates "arreador" with "arriero", English "muleteer", as in one who drives mules. I I'm going to call the quirt "un rebenque de tipo arreador" until somebody out there offers me a better option.
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    According to some pages, the word is actually derived from a Spanish word - a cuarta (riding crop). Other pages say it comes from cuerda.

    This word cuarta now seems to be regional in use, per the DRAE, and not very common.

    cuarta 37. f. Cuba y P. Rico. disciplina (‖ instrumento para azotar). 38. f. Méx. Látigo corto para las caballerías.

    I think your option is fine, but this may throw some further light on the origin.

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