quisiera saver que [saber qué] significa eso

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    I keep getting emails about the books in my webstore from Mexicans. Mainly because I advertised that I speak Spanish and English, although I'm not fluent in Spanish, I really can't figure out what the customer is saying in the first sentence here:

    Gracias señor, pero tengo una duda el precio es de 57.00 MXN quisiera saver que significa eso?
    & ademas en caunto tardaria la entrega?

    Thanks, but I have a doubt the price is 57 I'm trying to save money what does that mean?

    The part where he says "quisiera saver que significa eso?" , what is he reffering to?

    Agradeceré por respuestas
  2. chamyto

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    Burgos, Spain
    Let me correct the Spanish e-mail. You may find it a little easier.

    Gracias señor, pero tengo una duda: El precio es de 57.00 MXN . Quisiera saber qué significa eso, y además cuánto tiempo tardaría la entrega. (Indirect interrogative).
    He may be referring to 57.00 MXN and needs an explanation.
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  3. fenixpollo

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    American English
    Thank you, sir, but I have a question. The price is 57.00 MXN. I would like to know what that means, and also how long it will take to arrive.

    I agree with chamyto that the person who wrote this may not know what "MXN" means.
  4. gringo500 New Member

    Gracias ya lo entiendo.

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