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Hi Folks,

From my understanding, we use the phrase "quite a bit" when talking about amounts/quantities, but can we possibly use it with adjectives too (just like a little bit)?

For example.

1) I'm quite a bit hungry
2) Are you tired? Yes, quite a bit.
3) This task is quite a bit challenging.

Please advise.
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    The second example sounds okay to me. The first and third, however, sound odd, though perhaps they won't sound so extraordinary to others. Most people would probably just say "quite hungry" or "quite challenging."
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    While quite a bit seems acceptable, the addition of an adjective doesn't really work, in my opinion.
    1) I'm quite hungry
    2) Are you tired? Yes, quite.
    3) This task is quite challenging.

    You can also substitute fairly or rather for quite.
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