quite a bit revelation

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Hi, everyone.
I came across this during watching a video. I don't quite understand the meaning as I found it has several meaning when I looked it up.

But when this thing came out, it was quite a bit of revelation.

The moment the host said this he was comparing both old and new sound recoder devices. He was saying some particular pro model tape recorder has special mechenism to prevent it from quality loss during moving. But it's nothing now when compare to modern recorders which store sounds digitally. (This is when the line came in)

Thank you for your noticing my question.


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  • PaulQ

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    It was quite a bit of revelation. - it (the sound quality) was a huge surprise.

    "Quite a bit of" usually means "a sizeable amount of"


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    It sounds odd to me. I'd say this was a non-native speaker or just a slip of the tongue.

    It was quite a revelation.
    It was a bit of a revelation.
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